a knock at the door-by A. Hardy Rapp

Joe looked at his watch. time seemed to be passing as he watched mickeys hands move. suddenly there was a sudden knock at the door. Joe opened the closed door. there stood a man with feet below the knees. “whats yer name ” said Joe. “I’m flat from the daily press” said the man. “John Flat”. “I’m taking a suurvey.” “I don’t have a survey” said Joe. “in that case I’ll ask you a few questions” said John flatley. “ok” said Joe. “what do you think of the global warming trend” John said hotley. “no need to get heated” said Joe. “I think it’s just a trend. it happens everyday you know-when the sun comes up.” “yes that’s the supposed trend” said John. “but that’s really only half the picture. what of the other side otthe world?” “let them stayin the dark about it” said Joe “i don’t care, as he started watching his watch again.”maybe it has something to do with the rotation of… “rotation of dew” said John. “yes you’ve hit on a new side of the weather picture, i mean the rotating dew could be why some areas seem hotter than others” “yes John” said joe “but i have a lot to do and I’m busy right now.” “so am I” said John ” i just remembered my wife told me to pick up a honey dew melon on the way home.” “honey do this or that mr. Flatt” said Joe pressingly.” “yes” agreed John. “I suppose i should definitely be going.” “Maybe” said Joe ” i just don’t know, i mean it’s hard to find time for anything these days”. ” yes but speaking of time” said John: “i really like your watch. where did youu get it? “oh iv’e got just about as much time as the next person” said Joe ” but who knows where it comes from. I think….”I meant your watch” said John. “the watch speaks for itself” said Joe. “can’t you tell time? “I’ve tried” said John. “but it won’t listen. Besides it’s hard to pin down just what I’m talking too.” “I know” said Joe,”so goodbye John Flatt”. well john finally left, and that’s that.


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