back injury and doctors

in 1991 I hurt my back at work. I was told by the doctor that it was just a “soft tissue” injury and was normal for my age. I kept trying to work but my back kept getting worse. I had a good reputation at my job. I hardly ever missed work, but after seeing at least 30 doctors no one could tell me exactly what was causing my pain. I had to stay in bed for about a year. no doctor would give me enough pain medicine to help me much. Finally I had a friend drive me to the hospital as I was losing consciousness from severe pain. I’ll make a very long story short by saying I finally ended up at spine care in San Francisco where I was diagnosed with a herniated disk. Incredible, over 30 intelligent doctors in North California could not diagnose a herniated disk. It only took 2 years before I went to “spine care” where I finally got some help. My injury has now cost me my wife, my job and my money. I’m not bitter because I tried being bitter and it almost killed me. Still I wonder why I was treated the way I was. Is it because a few malingerers have messed up the workman’s comp. system? I don’t know, but I would say to anyone with a work injury: go to a doctor who knows you and cares about you as a person. Also you may need a lawyer. I’ve now had 4 major surgerys and 2 minor surgerys and I’m still in pain and need medicine and a stimulation device in my back to control the pain. I’m sure there are still a lot of good doctors, but some are arrogant and too many people still die because of doctors. I appreciate doctors and all the work they have to do to become doctors, but they aren’t the saviors of the world.


2 thoughts on “back injury and doctors

  1. I SO much wish you had not had to go through this, and I hope and pray that someday it will all make sense!
    …….still praying……..

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