why are so many people blogging their time away? do they hope someone will read their words? i suppose we all have a need to express ourselves. I don’t know.  why does God permit evil? why does he permit good?  Maybe He doesn’t permit evil. It seems to me that we permit evil not God. How should God stop all the evil. If He did He would have to stop you. Unless you have never done anything wrong. but what about the innocent who have never done anything wrong??? evil gets handed down from generation to generation and the innocent suffer. could God stop all the innocent from suffering without taking away the free will of those who inflict suffering on others?  seems we are in a war wether or not we want to be.  we could fight using the tools God has given us-like prayer-the armour of God (ephesians 6} and actually helping other people. also there is the gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in ist Corinthians and Romans.  God has given power and love and gifts to those who ask Him. but you have to ask. Don’t blame God for all the suffering. We are in a war and it’s up to us to use what God has given us. start by thanking Him for the good things.


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