Dr. Wayne Dyer

doc  dyer on pbs has lots of positive things to say, but why won’t he tell us who “source” is?  If we are all spirits having a human experience, how then did we come from some impersonal source? water does not flow up hill. if we have personality then so does our “source”. Of course He is infinitely greater than us. In my opinion we all need forgiveness from our “source”, and there is no conflict between science and the Bible.  and Jesus did not say He is the “only” way. He said  ” I am the way”. therefore He is also the destination.  So you can’t come to God without coming, unless you want to call Jesus a liar. but there is no nice middle ground. if Jesus Christ is not God then His story is the greatest hoax in history {His story} . if you have ever experienced God’s presence {which is far beyond an emotional experience} then if your a skeptic  you won’t be anymore. If you blame God for things all that will fade away.


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