i have this computer and i have dial-up internet and it drives me crazy. i don’t like to wait for it, and it seems unpredictable. so what?   hey are u a musician? leave me a note.  does anyone know some good musicians who play music with a message of truth, but who sound different from everything that’s out there? is there anything an unbeliever can relate to.  Like a Christian band that actually has words you can think about?  some words that bring you from some place and help you have some understanding?  people are searching and they need more than cliches.  i’m sure there must be. I just haven’t heard anything i really like for a long time. of course i grew up in the ’60’s and 70’s.  i  still like the sound of “love song” or “the way” or “daniel amos”.  also”larry norman” and most of the music out of Calvery Chapel.      


2 thoughts on “help

  1. If you like rock with a social message, then I would try Resurrection Band. Christian Blues: Glenn Kaiser. Larry Norman still has a lot of great music to listen to:

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