God’s law

I have this keyboard with letters on it, so i’ll string a few words together…  i get really tired of hearing about the idea that God’s gonna whip you if you don’t do what’s right.   that’s such a foolish religious idea.  must be God’s enemy who invented it. Not all believers are self-righteous hypocrites, but it’s a convenient excuse for people who don’t want to think about what really might be the truth. If you read the Bible you might notice that Jesus did not come to condemn the world, but to save it [ John 3].   Jesus was not religious. He was and is the opposite of religious. It was the religious leaders who wanted to kill Jesus, because He did not follow their religion. He broke their religious rules.  So why did God give us His Law? Romans 5:20 says: “the law entered that the offense might abound…    so God gave His law not to stop people from sinning, but that sin would increase. before you call me a heretic read the whole verse for yourself. God gave His law so we would realize that we need help. the law is to lead us to Christ so we can find mercy. the only way to obey God is not through God’s law but through His  Spirit.  God is merciful, His law is good but we can do “nothing” apart from the Spirit of Christ.  all religions are man’s attempt to reach God by some system of good works. But Jesus set us free from that and offers us mercy. His law of love can only be followed by receiving  Him and following His Spirit inside us. It’s not religion but “life”.  Of course we all still stumble in many ways[James}  but if  we  ask Him, Jesus will always pick us up again. so if you hate religion, that’s good, but don’t hate God. He gave his only Son to save you.


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