a paralyzed girl

I know a woman who has been paralyzed for about 8 or 9 years. She hurt herself in a swimming accident in Hawaii.  She is a Christian, and she came to God thru a woman who has the gift of phrophesy. It’s an amazing story. She was told her life story by someone who did not even know her. anyway people seem to be impressed with how well she is doing even though she’s paralyzed and how she went to school and got her master’s degree. also she ministers to others and sometimes speaks in churches ect…   but they don’t see her when she’s alone at night. when she’s crying,when her family seems to not care, when living is a burden. and she has been opposed because she wanted to teach others about the gift of prophesy (written of in the book of 1st Corinthians).  So what am i trying to say? i don’t know, except that people do not see the whole story and some don’t like to be around suffering or to help those who are continually crying out silently for help.  People complain about there jobs. they complain that they were passed over for a raise. people complain about everything. if your not paralyzed perhaps it’s not possible to understand.  If you have your health be thankfull that you can move. i have seen the depth of unspeakable sorrow.  but i believe its Gods will to heal. but it takes faith and something beyond my understanding. Yet I hope someone will read this and say a prayer for a girl who can’t move her body. who weeps in the night when no one is around.  who’s friends seem to vanish in the wind. Some of us could be part of the answer instead of the problem, if we had a little more compassion.  then somehow we find its God’s compassion working thru us.  but i don’t know very much yet….


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