always jumped the gun

before the setting sun, i’ve always jumped the gun.  

I tried to go too fast, i knew it wouldn’t last, but then i hurt my back, but now i’m back on track.

you know i miss you all, but summers in the fall the flowers on the wall were picked up at the mall, the mall installed the stall used by the horses at the ball.

be careful what you see, the sea is fine with me, the fish are all so free wheeling in the sea.           if a song could not be sung, until the song was done, a song could not begin before the song begun.

if a mole could only dig a half, then he couldn’t dig a whole. but if he could half the hole he dug, he could still achieve his goal.

i tell you to beware of a grizzly bear, cause a bear could chase a hare underneath the stair. but if the stair was rare, it wouldn’t fare well for the hare, but if the hair was on your head, you could cut it off instead.

if some ware underware. and others do not care. will some still stop and stair, if a peach becomes a pare?

if your tired of senseless rhyme, the go work overtime, cause rhymes a friend of mine, i think it’s so sublime.

if i could memorize the words, I’d be smarter than the birds, but if birds were really smart, they’d be masters of the art.

if fools define the truth away, what happens on the day, when truth comes back to stay, and fools are swept away?

if you said good was bad, and you said wrong was right, then forever out of sight, your day will be your night.

but if you want to live, ask God to forgive,              forgive each other too, and you’ll live a life that’s true.

it’s time to say good night, before the morning light, but if it’s too late for tonight, tommorrow is alright.


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