so what do i do with pain. i can’t sit here very long.  what is the purpose in being alone?   How do you deal with a broken promise.  time does not heal. forgiveness heals. God heals.  here’s something to think about: C. S.  Lewis said the laws of nature do not cause anything. they are the framework to which all events must conform. but science may understand some of the laws o f nature but as to the origion of the laws, they are outside the realm of science entirely.   I f science became perfect and men could understand all there is to know of the laws in nature and could explain the relationships between all the links in the chain of events, they still know nothing of how to explain the actuall existence of the chain.   So science answers everything except:  that which we know as everything, that is the origion of all events.   the only logical conclusion is faith.    as for this pain: maybe tommorrow will be better.


2 thoughts on “pain

  1. Yes “FAITH” is strength. Start enjoying your pain, I bet your “pain” will take to it’s heels and you’ll be healed. The so called 90% of our pains and problems are the creation of our false mind and misperception. May GOD help us dispell our false evils and miseries.

  2. thanx sul… for the comment, but i think my pain is from 4 back surgeries and nerve damage. neverthless i shall atempt to enjoy life, but pain is still my enemy. ts

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