Hunky dory story

Myer, that is mr. Mack Myer was a wandering minstrel. One day he was in the town barber shop when in walked the town mayor. “Mornin’ said Myer to the mayor in  a musical meandering manner. “Aye it’s mornin'” said the barber in barbarious manner to Myer. “I was speakin’ to the mayor” said Myer with ire. “watch it mack said the barber “or I’ll lower yer ears.” “Speakin’ of ears” said the mayor, “corn is cheap this time of year, but then what are you doin’ here?” “I’m cuttin’ hair”replied the barber cuttingly. “I meant the minstrel” spoke the mayor mennacingly. “Let’s all cool down” said Myer. ” No need to get hot under the collar-perhaps if I play a song… that’s what I do ya know.”

“Please play” said a lady who had been keeping to herself. So Mack began to play. The atmosphere in the barber shop began to clear as the barbarious barber shed a tear. The meandering music wafted it’s way wonderously accross the ears of its listeners calming their hot tempers and tempering their steel hearts penetrating to the very core of the earth, or at least the core of the corps-  that is the Marine Corps, which was waiting near in case of war. The mayor said to the lady: “may we dance?” “Yes we may or may not mayor. It’s your choice” she said in choice voice. “Then we shall” spoke the mayor. “Keep it shallow” said the lady-I’m in no mood for love though I love the wood when I’m in the mood but…..” “It’s not a mood” spoke the barber,”it’s a choice to choose, win or lose ya can’t change it.”

Meanwhile Mack Myer muddled musically on with the song, though the words seemed quite wrong: “almost cut my hair, it happened a few days ago”—Ah but anyway Myers’ whimsical wandering weathered another storm of strange and stupid form, but for Myer that surely was the norm.          the end friend


4 thoughts on “Hunky dory story

  1. If anyone reads this, I happen to know that “Tom Skledany” has been suffering intensely lately (with back pain.) He has suffered for many years, but lately he can sometimes hardly get out of bed. Any prayers would be appreciated.

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