faith and logic

There is no contradiction between faith and logic or faith and science. I am so sick of people saying you have to choose between science and belief. As I wrote in my first blog: man did not create mathematics. Man invented the symbols that express the mathematics in nature which was already there. and the mathematics in the laws of nature gets extremely complex, so that it would take incredible intelligence to understand all that’s been discovered so far. As I have said before: “how is it possible that what takes incredible intelligence to understand could have originated without intelligence?! If you can think and reason, do you think you came into being by accident? If “naturalism is true, then all came into being by accident including your own thoughts. So that all thought is equally worthless, since it’s only the result of natural process. The only way you can claim your thoughts have any value is if you somehow think your thoughts originated outside of the laws of nature. Then you have admitted the existence of the supernatural or spiritual realm.

The truth is that logic and science lead to faith, and there is no such thing as “blind faith” or any contradiction between science and faith if you are really reasonable. If you have read the Bible you know it says that it’s the unreasonble person who does not have faith in God. Also it’s the fool who says”there is no God”. If you want reasons for faith then follow your own thoughts home. We did not orig onate from something less than ourselves. The law of thermodynamics says: ” a system left to itself will proceed from order to disorder. Water does not run up hill. If you have a personality then you were made by a personality far greater than yourself.

If a person is an honest searcher he or she will find the truth. If not they will believe what that want, and won’t be bothered with science or logic or true faith which is always logical even when it’s far beyond human understanding.

Tom Skledany


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