the politician’s speech

my firm position on change

by  Rubarb  Bamboa

Vote for me for change. Yes we must firmly stand for change in an ever mundane and stationary world where change is not well spoken of and we ourselves must not yeild to the ever yeilding base deposits of unmoving and shifting variables which make up the policies of our government that so presses in upon our outer values which hold us in such a slppery and unfolding and changeable quagmire which we   realize  must be changed, and so I come before you to stand behind you in my firm yet movable position or super position that will never change from my unchanging view that we must steadfastly embrace change even if for its own sake. For we cannot forsake change lest it quickly escape us in this ever changing world.

So please vote for me lest you be overtaken by the unswerving plans of the few who would forsake the changing view of the many.

Rubarb Bamboa


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