who laughed at “no separation of church and state

so some republican candidate said “separation of church and state is not in the constitution”.   and some fools in the audience snickered.  ?????    are so many people really that brainwashed by the media?  have they ever read the constitution???    read the ist amendment to the U. S. constitution and then get back to me and show me where  it really says something about separation of church and state.   is the whole population of  this country just stupid  or unable to read for themselves.    if you tell a lie long enuff i guess you can fool a whole lot of people.     read it it’s not there. who’s the one that should be laughing.


why is Jesus the only way?

Jesus is the only way because He is The Destination.  Jesus did not use the word “only” He said “I am the way the truth and the life.”   When you add truth and life to the way then you understand that He is God. Therefore He is The Destination.  There is no question of there being any other way because apart from Christ there is no existence.        (read John 14)

Isaiah 5:20

there are only 2 people who can win this prsidential election so in my opinion it would be a wasted vote to vote for a 3rd party. Only one canidate has really fought for this country.  As some people realize the real battle is a spiritual battle as written in Ephesians 6. Before you look for someone to blame ask yourself if you’ve even been in the battle.  If the republicans have failed is it really time to vote for a democrat? and if the democrats  have failed should you vote republican?   why not just look at the person who is the most qualified of the 2 who have any chance of winning.   I’m talking about who comes closest to believing and doing what’s right,   yeah there really is such a thing as right and wrong. Isaiah said “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”   Do you have any discernment?  There is only one canidate who was willing to die for this country.   Forget political partys.   character does matter and it’s the most important matter in this election.


May 31, 2008 by Tom {Nin} Skledany

since the idea of evolution cannot be tested by the scientific method, then there should be some other evidence i f the theory is true. where are the millions of missing links? why is there no deep layer of dust on the moon, if it’s been there millions of years? why is there still helium in the earth’s crust, if the dissipation rate is known by science, then why hasn’t it all dissipated into the atmosphere? how does evolution work? if a single living cell is so complicated that it cannot be alive even if it’s missing one part. that means it would of had to evolve instantly. sounds like creation to me. why have human and dinasour footprints been found fosilized right next to each other in the same aged rock? what about those quick frozen mammoths found with food still in their stomachs? the eruption of mt st. helens shows how a catastrophe can change things very quickly. like a huge amount of water does not take very long to create a canyon. so beleive in evolution if you want to. if you have enough faith, but stop calling it science.

time and creation

since time and space are relative, then six days could be any length of time that God wants it to be. Of course if God is infinite, then He is not limited by space and time. If he wanted men to experience six days when He created the universe then what’s so hard about that? He could have created it all in six seconds or six billion years. But He said six days. He controls space and time and does not need it nor is He confined to our experience of time. the argument about time is like the argument about “soul sleep”. there is no argument if you understand that time is relative.

Hunky dory story

Myer, that is mr. Mack Myer was a wandering minstrel. One day he was in the town barber shop when in walked the town mayor. “Mornin’ said Myer to the mayor in  a musical meandering manner. “Aye it’s mornin'” said the barber in barbarious manner to Myer. “I was speakin’ to the mayor” said Myer with ire. “watch it mack said the barber “or I’ll lower yer ears.” “Speakin’ of ears” said the mayor, “corn is cheap this time of year, but then what are you doin’ here?” “I’m cuttin’ hair”replied the barber cuttingly. “I meant the minstrel” spoke the mayor mennacingly. “Let’s all cool down” said Myer. ” No need to get hot under the collar-perhaps if I play a song… that’s what I do ya know.”

“Please play” said a lady who had been keeping to herself. So Mack began to play. The atmosphere in the barber shop began to clear as the barbarious barber shed a tear. The meandering music wafted it’s way wonderously accross the ears of its listeners calming their hot tempers and tempering their steel hearts penetrating to the very core of the earth, or at least the core of the corps-  that is the Marine Corps, which was waiting near in case of war. The mayor said to the lady: “may we dance?” “Yes we may or may not mayor. It’s your choice” she said in choice voice. “Then we shall” spoke the mayor. “Keep it shallow” said the lady-I’m in no mood for love though I love the wood when I’m in the mood but…..” “It’s not a mood” spoke the barber,”it’s a choice to choose, win or lose ya can’t change it.”

Meanwhile Mack Myer muddled musically on with the song, though the words seemed quite wrong: “almost cut my hair, it happened a few days ago”—Ah but anyway Myers’ whimsical wandering weathered another storm of strange and stupid form, but for Myer that surely was the norm.          the end friend

always jumped the gun

before the setting sun, i’ve always jumped the gun.  

I tried to go too fast, i knew it wouldn’t last, but then i hurt my back, but now i’m back on track.

you know i miss you all, but summers in the fall the flowers on the wall were picked up at the mall, the mall installed the stall used by the horses at the ball.

be careful what you see, the sea is fine with me, the fish are all so free wheeling in the sea.           if a song could not be sung, until the song was done, a song could not begin before the song begun.

if a mole could only dig a half, then he couldn’t dig a whole. but if he could half the hole he dug, he could still achieve his goal.

i tell you to beware of a grizzly bear, cause a bear could chase a hare underneath the stair. but if the stair was rare, it wouldn’t fare well for the hare, but if the hair was on your head, you could cut it off instead.

if some ware underware. and others do not care. will some still stop and stair, if a peach becomes a pare?

if your tired of senseless rhyme, the go work overtime, cause rhymes a friend of mine, i think it’s so sublime.

if i could memorize the words, I’d be smarter than the birds, but if birds were really smart, they’d be masters of the art.

if fools define the truth away, what happens on the day, when truth comes back to stay, and fools are swept away?

if you said good was bad, and you said wrong was right, then forever out of sight, your day will be your night.

but if you want to live, ask God to forgive,              forgive each other too, and you’ll live a life that’s true.

it’s time to say good night, before the morning light, but if it’s too late for tonight, tommorrow is alright.


i have this computer and i have dial-up internet and it drives me crazy. i don’t like to wait for it, and it seems unpredictable. so what?   hey are u a musician? leave me a note.  does anyone know some good musicians who play music with a message of truth, but who sound different from everything that’s out there? is there anything an unbeliever can relate to.  Like a Christian band that actually has words you can think about?  some words that bring you from some place and help you have some understanding?  people are searching and they need more than cliches.  i’m sure there must be. I just haven’t heard anything i really like for a long time. of course i grew up in the ’60’s and 70’s.  i  still like the sound of “love song” or “the way” or “daniel amos”.  also”larry norman” and most of the music out of Calvery Chapel.      

a knock at the door-by A. Hardy Rapp

Joe looked at his watch. time seemed to be passing as he watched mickeys hands move. suddenly there was a sudden knock at the door. Joe opened the closed door. there stood a man with feet below the knees. “whats yer name ” said Joe. “I’m flat from the daily press” said the man. “John Flat”. “I’m taking a suurvey.” “I don’t have a survey” said Joe. “in that case I’ll ask you a few questions” said John flatley. “ok” said Joe. “what do you think of the global warming trend” John said hotley. “no need to get heated” said Joe. “I think it’s just a trend. it happens everyday you know-when the sun comes up.” “yes that’s the supposed trend” said John. “but that’s really only half the picture. what of the other side otthe world?” “let them stayin the dark about it” said Joe “i don’t care, as he started watching his watch again.”maybe it has something to do with the rotation of… “rotation of dew” said John. “yes you’ve hit on a new side of the weather picture, i mean the rotating dew could be why some areas seem hotter than others” “yes John” said joe “but i have a lot to do and I’m busy right now.” “so am I” said John ” i just remembered my wife told me to pick up a honey dew melon on the way home.” “honey do this or that mr. Flatt” said Joe pressingly.” “yes” agreed John. “I suppose i should definitely be going.” “Maybe” said Joe ” i just don’t know, i mean it’s hard to find time for anything these days”. ” yes but speaking of time” said John: “i really like your watch. where did youu get it? “oh iv’e got just about as much time as the next person” said Joe ” but who knows where it comes from. I think….”I meant your watch” said John. “the watch speaks for itself” said Joe. “can’t you tell time? “I’ve tried” said John. “but it won’t listen. Besides it’s hard to pin down just what I’m talking too.” “I know” said Joe,”so goodbye John Flatt”. well john finally left, and that’s that.