it’s been a while-what happened to this country?

so, tom skledany returns.   thiscountry once had a constitution.  I and others say the law of this land is the constitution of the U. S. A.   i have read it.  we do not want a king.  go back, get back to where you once belonged.  if not our freedom is gone. what do you think?



whats the deal with doctors who give out pain medicine the get angry at people for taking it… i have a relative who is suffering. no its not me this time. but i know what this person is going thru. why become a doctor if you lose your compassion? is it onlyfor the prestige?

who are the governing authorities

“Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities.” (Romans 13),  So what does this mean? This verse has been so misunderstood that I may as well give my opinion. The commentary in my Bible says: Nero was ruler when Paul wrote those words, so we’re supposed to obey even if the government is evil. ” This is nonsense and stupid. Did they read the rest of the chapter.? “For there is  no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgement on themselves.   FOR RULERS ARE NOT A TERROR TO GOOD WORKS BUT TO EVIL. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority?  DO WHAT IS GOOD AND YOU WILL HAVE PRAISE FROM THE SAME. FOR HE IS GOD’S MINISTER TO YOU FOR GOOD. But if you do evil, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain, FOR HE IS GOD’S MINISTER, AN AVENGER TO EXECUTE WRATH ON HIM WHO PRACTICES EVIL. Therefore you must be subject, not only because of wrath, but also for conscience sake.  (Romans 13: 1-5)    These verses plainly say that any authority from God will reward good and punish evil.    Was Nero an authority from God when he persecuted Christians?  Was Hitler an authority from God when he murdered millions?    Just because someone claims to be an authority does not make them one.     GOD DOES NOT RECOGNIZE AN EVIL RULER AS BEING AN AUTHORITY.    Read the book of “Acts”   The apostles told the rulers of their day that they had to Obey God rather than men.   We can only obey rulers as far as they  rule for good, but when they become evil we cannot obey their example or any evil thing we are instructed to do.    Satan sets up wicked rulers when and where ever he can. But God will eventually destroy them all.  God does not recognize any authority except from Himself and God does not do or influence anyone to do evil.   The book of ” James” says” “Every good and perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of Lights  with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.”  (James  1:17)      We are in a spiritual war.  It takes prayer and righteous people in agreement for God to set up righteous authority.    If people turn to lawlessness they will get evil rulers, but don’t blame God for them.  “We must obey God rather than men.”     Someone said people get the government they deserve.   This is  true, but if enough people turn back to righteousness there is hope.

Isaiah 5:20

there are only 2 people who can win this prsidential election so in my opinion it would be a wasted vote to vote for a 3rd party. Only one canidate has really fought for this country.  As some people realize the real battle is a spiritual battle as written in Ephesians 6. Before you look for someone to blame ask yourself if you’ve even been in the battle.  If the republicans have failed is it really time to vote for a democrat? and if the democrats  have failed should you vote republican?   why not just look at the person who is the most qualified of the 2 who have any chance of winning.   I’m talking about who comes closest to believing and doing what’s right,   yeah there really is such a thing as right and wrong. Isaiah said “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”   Do you have any discernment?  There is only one canidate who was willing to die for this country.   Forget political partys.   character does matter and it’s the most important matter in this election.


May 31, 2008 by Tom {Nin} Skledany

since the idea of evolution cannot be tested by the scientific method, then there should be some other evidence i f the theory is true. where are the millions of missing links? why is there no deep layer of dust on the moon, if it’s been there millions of years? why is there still helium in the earth’s crust, if the dissipation rate is known by science, then why hasn’t it all dissipated into the atmosphere? how does evolution work? if a single living cell is so complicated that it cannot be alive even if it’s missing one part. that means it would of had to evolve instantly. sounds like creation to me. why have human and dinasour footprints been found fosilized right next to each other in the same aged rock? what about those quick frozen mammoths found with food still in their stomachs? the eruption of mt st. helens shows how a catastrophe can change things very quickly. like a huge amount of water does not take very long to create a canyon. so beleive in evolution if you want to. if you have enough faith, but stop calling it science.

time and creation

since time and space are relative, then six days could be any length of time that God wants it to be. Of course if God is infinite, then He is not limited by space and time. If he wanted men to experience six days when He created the universe then what’s so hard about that? He could have created it all in six seconds or six billion years. But He said six days. He controls space and time and does not need it nor is He confined to our experience of time. the argument about time is like the argument about “soul sleep”. there is no argument if you understand that time is relative.

the politician’s speech

my firm position on change

by  Rubarb  Bamboa

Vote for me for change. Yes we must firmly stand for change in an ever mundane and stationary world where change is not well spoken of and we ourselves must not yeild to the ever yeilding base deposits of unmoving and shifting variables which make up the policies of our government that so presses in upon our outer values which hold us in such a slppery and unfolding and changeable quagmire which we   realize  must be changed, and so I come before you to stand behind you in my firm yet movable position or super position that will never change from my unchanging view that we must steadfastly embrace change even if for its own sake. For we cannot forsake change lest it quickly escape us in this ever changing world.

So please vote for me lest you be overtaken by the unswerving plans of the few who would forsake the changing view of the many.

Rubarb Bamboa


well i feel lonely. Is there a beautiful women who is an exellent musician out there somewhere?

is obama a bomb?  is he a muslim? what’s his plan?   he wants change. what does that mean?  everyone wants change. what kind of change. how about hillary? does she want the government to take care of us all?  are we a nation of little babies?  what would mcCain do?   I’d rather have huckabee. at least he has an interesting name. maybe he’s really huckleberry finn.        my back still hurts even though ive tried the dx9000.  but i have to admit its been helping some.   still i wish i could go backpacking. i miss the quiet of the mountains, and the wind in the pines.

faith and logic

There is no contradiction between faith and logic or faith and science. I am so sick of people saying you have to choose between science and belief. As I wrote in my first blog: man did not create mathematics. Man invented the symbols that express the mathematics in nature which was already there. and the mathematics in the laws of nature gets extremely complex, so that it would take incredible intelligence to understand all that’s been discovered so far. As I have said before: “how is it possible that what takes incredible intelligence to understand could have originated without intelligence?! If you can think and reason, do you think you came into being by accident? If “naturalism is true, then all came into being by accident including your own thoughts. So that all thought is equally worthless, since it’s only the result of natural process. The only way you can claim your thoughts have any value is if you somehow think your thoughts originated outside of the laws of nature. Then you have admitted the existence of the supernatural or spiritual realm.

The truth is that logic and science lead to faith, and there is no such thing as “blind faith” or any contradiction between science and faith if you are really reasonable. If you have read the Bible you know it says that it’s the unreasonble person who does not have faith in God. Also it’s the fool who says”there is no God”. If you want reasons for faith then follow your own thoughts home. We did not orig onate from something less than ourselves. The law of thermodynamics says: ” a system left to itself will proceed from order to disorder. Water does not run up hill. If you have a personality then you were made by a personality far greater than yourself.

If a person is an honest searcher he or she will find the truth. If not they will believe what that want, and won’t be bothered with science or logic or true faith which is always logical even when it’s far beyond human understanding.

Tom Skledany