time and creation

since time and space are relative, then six days could be any length of time that God wants it to be. Of course if God is infinite, then He is not limited by space and time. If he wanted men to experience six days when He created the universe then what’s so hard about that? He could have created it all in six seconds or six billion years. But He said six days. He controls space and time and does not need it nor is He confined to our experience of time. the argument about time is like the argument about “soul sleep”. there is no argument if you understand that time is relative.



don’t kill yourself. you don’t know what will happen tommorrow. how do you know it would be better if you were dead? what makes you think it would be easier to die? i know life can be constant terrible physical or emotional (or both) pain. but you will die soon enough. if you take your own life you will never know what could have been. you might say” you have no idea how much i have suffered. that’s true. i only know my own suffering. 17 years of physical pain, my wife left, i lost my job. i have no money and so on. but some how i still feel the peace of God. How does God still love us when He lets us go thru agony? the same way He loved His Son Jesus when He was beaten and crucified. this world is insane but God’s creation is beautiful.    You don’t know whether things will get better or not. if you die then you have decided that death would be better than living in your misery. but how do you know?  there are really people who care. God really does care but you have to do something. have you really cried out to Him with all your might?  i once tried to end my life, but God did a miracle for me that night. He is no respecter of persons, call out to Him with your voice. don’t worry about what people think. He will hear you and He will help you.  kick the devil out of your mind. you are of infinite value to God.   there are also people who care.

the politician’s speech

my firm position on change

by  Rubarb  Bamboa

Vote for me for change. Yes we must firmly stand for change in an ever mundane and stationary world where change is not well spoken of and we ourselves must not yeild to the ever yeilding base deposits of unmoving and shifting variables which make up the policies of our government that so presses in upon our outer values which hold us in such a slppery and unfolding and changeable quagmire which we   realize  must be changed, and so I come before you to stand behind you in my firm yet movable position or super position that will never change from my unchanging view that we must steadfastly embrace change even if for its own sake. For we cannot forsake change lest it quickly escape us in this ever changing world.

So please vote for me lest you be overtaken by the unswerving plans of the few who would forsake the changing view of the many.

Rubarb Bamboa

my album

please buy my album. its on i-tunes and rhapsody under the name steve keck. the album is called “one entrance” . it’s mellow country-folk style with a message of truth.    it’s only 99cents per song.  if you can’t afford it e-mail me at steve.musicman@yahoo.com            I’ll send you one free, untill I run out of albums.


well i feel lonely. Is there a beautiful women who is an exellent musician out there somewhere?

is obama a bomb?  is he a muslim? what’s his plan?   he wants change. what does that mean?  everyone wants change. what kind of change. how about hillary? does she want the government to take care of us all?  are we a nation of little babies?  what would mcCain do?   I’d rather have huckabee. at least he has an interesting name. maybe he’s really huckleberry finn.        my back still hurts even though ive tried the dx9000.  but i have to admit its been helping some.   still i wish i could go backpacking. i miss the quiet of the mountains, and the wind in the pines.

faith and logic

There is no contradiction between faith and logic or faith and science. I am so sick of people saying you have to choose between science and belief. As I wrote in my first blog: man did not create mathematics. Man invented the symbols that express the mathematics in nature which was already there. and the mathematics in the laws of nature gets extremely complex, so that it would take incredible intelligence to understand all that’s been discovered so far. As I have said before: “how is it possible that what takes incredible intelligence to understand could have originated without intelligence?! If you can think and reason, do you think you came into being by accident? If “naturalism is true, then all came into being by accident including your own thoughts. So that all thought is equally worthless, since it’s only the result of natural process. The only way you can claim your thoughts have any value is if you somehow think your thoughts originated outside of the laws of nature. Then you have admitted the existence of the supernatural or spiritual realm.

The truth is that logic and science lead to faith, and there is no such thing as “blind faith” or any contradiction between science and faith if you are really reasonable. If you have read the Bible you know it says that it’s the unreasonble person who does not have faith in God. Also it’s the fool who says”there is no God”. If you want reasons for faith then follow your own thoughts home. We did not orig onate from something less than ourselves. The law of thermodynamics says: ” a system left to itself will proceed from order to disorder. Water does not run up hill. If you have a personality then you were made by a personality far greater than yourself.

If a person is an honest searcher he or she will find the truth. If not they will believe what that want, and won’t be bothered with science or logic or true faith which is always logical even when it’s far beyond human understanding.

Tom Skledany

Hunky dory story

Myer, that is mr. Mack Myer was a wandering minstrel. One day he was in the town barber shop when in walked the town mayor. “Mornin’ said Myer to the mayor in  a musical meandering manner. “Aye it’s mornin'” said the barber in barbarious manner to Myer. “I was speakin’ to the mayor” said Myer with ire. “watch it mack said the barber “or I’ll lower yer ears.” “Speakin’ of ears” said the mayor, “corn is cheap this time of year, but then what are you doin’ here?” “I’m cuttin’ hair”replied the barber cuttingly. “I meant the minstrel” spoke the mayor mennacingly. “Let’s all cool down” said Myer. ” No need to get hot under the collar-perhaps if I play a song… that’s what I do ya know.”

“Please play” said a lady who had been keeping to herself. So Mack began to play. The atmosphere in the barber shop began to clear as the barbarious barber shed a tear. The meandering music wafted it’s way wonderously accross the ears of its listeners calming their hot tempers and tempering their steel hearts penetrating to the very core of the earth, or at least the core of the corps-  that is the Marine Corps, which was waiting near in case of war. The mayor said to the lady: “may we dance?” “Yes we may or may not mayor. It’s your choice” she said in choice voice. “Then we shall” spoke the mayor. “Keep it shallow” said the lady-I’m in no mood for love though I love the wood when I’m in the mood but…..” “It’s not a mood” spoke the barber,”it’s a choice to choose, win or lose ya can’t change it.”

Meanwhile Mack Myer muddled musically on with the song, though the words seemed quite wrong: “almost cut my hair, it happened a few days ago”—Ah but anyway Myers’ whimsical wandering weathered another storm of strange and stupid form, but for Myer that surely was the norm.          the end friend


so what do i do with pain. i can’t sit here very long.  what is the purpose in being alone?   How do you deal with a broken promise.  time does not heal. forgiveness heals. God heals.  here’s something to think about: C. S.  Lewis said the laws of nature do not cause anything. they are the framework to which all events must conform. but science may understand some of the laws o f nature but as to the origion of the laws, they are outside the realm of science entirely.   I f science became perfect and men could understand all there is to know of the laws in nature and could explain the relationships between all the links in the chain of events, they still know nothing of how to explain the actuall existence of the chain.   So science answers everything except:  that which we know as everything, that is the origion of all events.   the only logical conclusion is faith.    as for this pain: maybe tommorrow will be better.

always jumped the gun

before the setting sun, i’ve always jumped the gun.  

I tried to go too fast, i knew it wouldn’t last, but then i hurt my back, but now i’m back on track.

you know i miss you all, but summers in the fall the flowers on the wall were picked up at the mall, the mall installed the stall used by the horses at the ball.

be careful what you see, the sea is fine with me, the fish are all so free wheeling in the sea.           if a song could not be sung, until the song was done, a song could not begin before the song begun.

if a mole could only dig a half, then he couldn’t dig a whole. but if he could half the hole he dug, he could still achieve his goal.

i tell you to beware of a grizzly bear, cause a bear could chase a hare underneath the stair. but if the stair was rare, it wouldn’t fare well for the hare, but if the hair was on your head, you could cut it off instead.

if some ware underware. and others do not care. will some still stop and stair, if a peach becomes a pare?

if your tired of senseless rhyme, the go work overtime, cause rhymes a friend of mine, i think it’s so sublime.

if i could memorize the words, I’d be smarter than the birds, but if birds were really smart, they’d be masters of the art.

if fools define the truth away, what happens on the day, when truth comes back to stay, and fools are swept away?

if you said good was bad, and you said wrong was right, then forever out of sight, your day will be your night.

but if you want to live, ask God to forgive,              forgive each other too, and you’ll live a life that’s true.

it’s time to say good night, before the morning light, but if it’s too late for tonight, tommorrow is alright.

old poem

when darknes calls and leaves the  world gone crazy,and the moon casts a ribboned highway on the ground.  sheltered towers of night lay before me, echos in my mind lead me on.

I’m goin’ on forever if i leave here, the road of forest shadows in the wind, tells me things only in my spirit, places of the soul not where i’ve been.

the breath of rain and smells of pine, the dust and mud beneath my feet, the cold of snow and colors of rocks and flowers, sounds of thunder in strange repeat.

that which you need for life comes not from things known only to the one who never ventures forth, but comes to those who risk it all to see what’s beyond, and those who fight ’till all their srength in gone.  

so we must keep moving on.